Risk Advisory

My job as your broker is not just about finding you the right cover at the right price. That’s just the icing on your insurance cake!

In order for me to ice that cake, I’m going to take a deep dive into your business and that means;

Identifying and
analysing your risk

It’s important that I identify the unique and specific set of risks you face in your business. By spotting the issues and circumstances that could cause problems, and working with you to pinpoint any vulnerabilities, I can accurately assess and represent the level of risk your business presents to insurers.  Through risk identification and analysis, I can get the complete picture and understand how you do you!

Getting to know your business, your assets, your equipment, and your people in depth, means I can confidently advise on risk avoidance and reduction strategies in addition to what your specific insurance (risk transfer) needs are.

Insurance analysis and placement negotiation

Now I know the ins and outs of your business, I can determine what your specific insurance needs are. There are lots of insurers and policies out there, so I carefully analyse the options, reviewing levels of cover and deductibles, endorsements and exclusions and negotiating with insurers on premium or to add or take out covers according to need. Policy interpretation and identifying the suitability of certain policies or covers over others, is an important part of this process.

Working with an established network of insurers and underwriting agencies and backed by leading industry advocacy bodies, I am designing your insurance program to fit your unique needs.

Tailoring an insurance package to suit

Whether I’m crafting a suite of insurance policies to protect all exposures, or a compact business pack to cover the big stuff, it’s important you understand your risks thoroughly and how different insurances can protect you.

Sometimes your insurance needs are larger than you expected, or you’re prepared to take on more risk yourself than insure every exposure right now. And that’s ok, but I will always provide advice and recommendations on all insurance solutions that you should be aware of, and clearly communicate your minimum insurance obligations or options to ensure the level of protection you seek.

I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your policies and covers, ensuring that you are aware of your exposures, what additional insurance options are available to protect you, and confirming that you understand your level of cover.

Continual analysis and adjustment

My job as your broker doesn’t just end once your policies are in place. I stay in touch throughout the year, keeping on top of the changes in your business, the assets you’re purchasing or selling, the additional services you’re now providing, and making the changes to your insurance program in real time.

I’m as available as you need me to be, with check-ins and reviews as infrequently or often as you like, and a thorough review and shake-up of your program each year to make sure you’re still on the best protection plan for your business.

Just think of me as your personal insurance and risk go-to and rest assured you and your business are looked after.

Don’t stress, I’ve got you covered!

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