Insurance Claims

Don’t stress - I’ve got you covered.

Claims are simple, stress-free and straight forward with MeyerInsure.

My mission is to get you back on your feet with the least amount of disruption as possible, keeping you up to speed every step of the way.

I understand your time is precious so my every move is designed to bring about the best possible claim outcome in a timely manner.

Being your advocate, right now, is my most important job.

First things first!


Whatever you safely can to prevent further loss or damage. But don’t be a hero! Make sure you are safe first.

Most insurers provide reasonable mitigation costs for emergency repairs and the like even before a claim is lodged.

Pro Tips!

  • Keep receipts or invoices for make-safe work you’ve arranged.

  • Take photos of any damaged property.

  • Remember to record all third party details (name, address, licence number, rego etc). Your insurer needs to be able to idenitfy and contact them.



Admit liability, even if you believe you’re at fault. Your insurer is entitled to decline a claim or reduce settlement if they believe their rights have been prejudiced.

If a third party is involved, let them know you’ll lodge a claim and your broker will be in touch from there.

Tell me

Contact me as soon as you are able, to report any incident, loss or damage.

Some policies have notification conditions and insurers must be notified of incidents that may arise to a claim in the future, so let me know if something occurs that might become a claim later, even if no damage or loss is immediately apparent.

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