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Personal Insurance

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You work hard, build a home, maybe buy an investment property or two, pack the kids into the Jayco and head off on some well earned time off (pre-Covid of course!). Nice one!

We don’t usually take for granted how we get here, but too often we neglect to adequately protect the things we worked so hard to get. 

Don’t let your personal insurances fall into the too-hard basket! There are plenty of direct-to-market insurers out there, but they’re working for themselves, not you.  
Let me know what is important to you – how you want to be protected – and I’ll find the best options from there.

Here are just some of the personal insurance solutions I can help with.

Here are just some of the personal insurance solutions I can help with.

Personal Insurance
Home & Contents Insurance Ballarat

Home and Contents Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated, but it pays to know the basics and make sure you understand that not all insurance companies and policies are the same, despite what some might tell you!

Landlords Insurance

“Do I really need special insurance for my rental property, or will the usual home insurance do the job?”

Lifestyle & Hobby Farm Insurance

Do you live on a property larger than 5 acres? You may need to consider a few extra aspects to your insurance than you would with a standard home and contents policy.

Strata Insurance

Do you own a strata titled property? Whether for residential or commercial occupancy, there is a specific insurance that covers strata titled properties for property damage, common property, contents and areas and legal liability.

Travel Insurance

As exciting as travelling can be, there are so many things that can happen to disrupt your trip. From airline and accommodation cancellations, to illness or accident, to needing to return home early due to an emergency.

Private Motor Insurance

You don’t usually buy a car on whim. There’s the search, dealer vs private, haggling on the price, white or black, fun or practical, manual or auto – so many things to consider. So getting the right insurance for your car, and driver circumstances is important!

Classic & Vintage Car Insurance

Owning a veteran, vintage or classic car is a source of pride for many Australians. Lovingly restoring your vehicle, spending lots of time and money, and the feeling of turning heads on your Sunday cruise, is priceless. So making sure you’ve got the right insurance for your pride and joy is essential.

Motorcycle Insurance

Like motor insurance for your car, a Motorcycle Insurance policy covers damage to your bike, others property and your liability as the rider.

Caravan Insurance

Aussies love to get away in the van or camper – in 2018, there were over 53 million trips (of over 12 nights each) alone! That’s a lot of caravans and campers on the road and out in the wild. With the average price in 2017 of a new caravan sitting just under $50,000, it’s important to make sure your insurance is right for you and the way you use your van.

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

If you love to get out on the water, whether on a tinny up the river, a jet ski at the beach, or a sleek yacht moored at a marina, you need to make sure you’ve got the right insurance in place for your recreational watercraft and your liability on the water.

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